Eco Design Fair - Showcasing innovation and sustainable design in Shanghai

The First Eco Pop-Up Shop in Shanghai Opens its Doors in Xintiandi Style from March 22nd to April 20th 2014.

Sustainability and social actions in Fashion is becoming a major interest from some of the most influential names in Fashion. Young designer & brands are encouraged to incorporate sustainable & social practices from creation to production.

This unique one-month pop up shop features some of the best Shanghai young designers and sustainable brands.

From fashion clothing to one of a kind accessory, luscious jewellery & organic cosmetics, furniture, home deco. One stop to shop fashionable and trendy outfits for Spring 2014, redecorate your home with unique furniture and treasures.

As part of Shanghai Fashion week, workshops and activities will be organized every week end for a full month of Fashion & design appreciation.
Fashionistas, design lovers, trendsetters, and designers are all invited to discover the future in Fashion & Design.





What/标题: E pod – Eco pop up shop @ Xintiandi Style 生态环保设计限时店@新天地时尚
Where/地点: Xintiandi Style, B1, no245 Madang Rd, Metro Line 10, exit 1
新天地时尚, B1, #245 地铁十号线马当路站一号出口
When/日期: Saturday, March 22, 2014 to April 20, 2014. Open daily from 10:00-22:00
2014年3月22号,星期六 到 4月20号 每日营业时间10:00-22:00


NuoMi. Women and childrenswear design collective NuoMi use natural fabrics (soya, bamboo, cotton) where possible, creating sustainable livelihoods for their workers is their main focus. NuoMi的女士和儿童服装设计采用天然面料(大豆纤维、竹纤维、棉 ),NuoMi的宗旨是为他们的员工创造可持续发展的生活。

Madame Pure. Founded in 2011 in Shanghai, Madame Pure has been called a union between European design and China’s most eco-friendly plant – bamboo.
It aims to bring “created-in China” excellence and a new generation fabrics to the contemporary lifestyle, offering the highest quality products, while protecting the environment. 创立于2011年的Madame Pure被誉为欧洲设计和中国最环保的植物- 竹的结合。其目标是带来“中国创造”的影响力并把新一代的面料带入当代生活方式,提供最高品质产品的同时实现了环保。

Eco & More is China’s first brand of all-natural, plant- based, products with ranges for home, personal, and baby care. Made green and eco friendly in. Eco&More 是中国首个全天然、植物基的产品,面向家庭、个人和婴儿护理用途,将绿色环保带入了中国。

Oba is a new women’s wear label pushing the boundaries of the overcoat. Oba 是一个在大衣界中不断创新的新女士服装品牌。

Brut Cake objects are hand-made. Hand-woven old fabrics are used to make handbags, furniture is rebuilt in collaboration with craftsmen, and pottery shaped by the artist on the wheel. She believes only HAND-MADE products can deliver the genuine heart of the “Maker”. Brut Cake的物品都是纯手工制作。手袋使用手织的旧布料,家具是通过工匠翻新重制,陶器则是由残疾人艺术家设计制作。她相信,只有手工制品才能传达制造者的心意。

Stuff is a series of jewelry and accessories of natural gemstones; multifunctional convenience carries easy-going attitude and blends cultural understandings! (Stuff In Chinese Mandarin, sounds dongxi, meaning the east and the west). Stuff是由天然宝石制成的珠宝配饰系列;多用途的便捷协同轻松的态度,混合了文化包容性。 (Stuff 在中文的意思是东西,意思是东边和西边。)

Wobabybasics offers unique 100% organic cotton basics for infants and children up to 8 years old. We design for what really matters. Wobabybasics为0到8岁的儿童提供独特的100%有机棉基础装。我们为真正重要的事情设计。

Hinas Atelier is a high-end luxury brand, creating bespoke clothing for private clients, including Bollywood actress Manasi Scott in Mumbai, India. Hinas Atelier是一个高端奢侈品牌,制作不啻服装,为客户私人定制,其客户有来自印度孟买的宝莱坞女演员Manasi Scott。

Xintiandi Style is the latest shopping centre developed by Shui On Land, and is the 3rd phase of Shanghai Xintiandi – Shanghai’s landmark culture, lifestyle, dining and fashion complex. It combines East and West, as Shanghai’s distinctive Shikumen (stone alley houses) merge with modernity. Xintiandi Style introduces the latest goods and top fashion from all over the world, focusing on designers new to China, such as Vera Wangalongside well-known Asian original labels such as UMA WANG, ONEBYONE STUDIO, La Vie, ZUCZUG/, and EVENPENNILESS. Adding to the excitement, celebrities Ashin, JJ and Show Lo have entered China’s fashion market with their own trend-setting shops STAYREAL, SMUDGE and STAGE Xintiandi. Alongside the Ma Dang Road, recently invaded Light Eating restaurant cross 7 oceans will upgrade the positioning by introducing brand new healthy Light Eating culture. Style will be a platform for the communication between local and international designers; the accelerator for local designers to get to the world’s stage.

新天地时尚是瑞安房地产最近开发的购物中心,是上海新天地的第三人称- 上海地标文化、生活方式、餐饮和时尚区。它的东西结合体现在上海独特的建筑 – 石库门与现代的合并。新天地时尚把最新的商品和顶尖市场推向全世界,关注对中国来说还是新面孔的设计师,比如王薇薇(Vera Wang),还有著名的亚洲原始品牌UMA WANG,ONEBEYONE STUDIO, La Vie, ZUCZUG/, and EVENPENNILESS. 更让人激动的是,艺人陈信宏,林俊杰以及罗志祥都带着自己的潮流店铺STAYREAL, SMUDGE and STAGE Xintiandi入住中国时尚市场。和马当路一起,最近进入中国的轻食餐厅将会通过带来全新的轻食主义文化提升这一地段层次。风格将会成为本地与国际设计师交流的平台,对本地设计师而言,加速其登上世界舞台的脚步。