Eco Design Fair - Showcasing innovation and sustainable design in Shanghai

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This page is a creative showcase of contemporary environmental issues.

Eco Creative is the newest initiative from the Eco Design Fair. Prior to the Spring 2011 event, we collaborated with Neocha and the local community to cultivate a large list of original works that focuses on present environmental issues.

Topics include: the effects of pollution, the impact of rapid urbanization, the consequences of climate change, environmental disasters etc. Through this collection of evocative art pieces, we hope to generate public awareness on these pressing issues.

This is the beginning of an on-going project which we hope will be a stepping stone to reaching a wider audience. Ultimately, we hope to inspire them to make wiser choices in the future.

The selected winner for the Eco Design Fair Spring 2011 exhibit is Dobi from Guangzhou. Her poster reads: Pollution harms Mankind, so how can you still stay on the side lines?

生态环保创意: 与环境进行的视觉“对话”


目前,大规模消费不断壮大,导致污染不断加重,自然资源和生物的多样性受到威胁,除此之外,灾难性自然灾害以不同形式影响中国社会,每一位中国公民对今天的环境问题都深有感触。我们希望能够集思广益, 就有关气候变化问题为大众创造更多新颖易懂的视觉交流。

这是我们一个所要持续项目的良好开端,亦是将此延伸至更宽群众范围的垫脚石, 不断激励人们为他们的日常生活带来积极的改变。


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